Immature Reactions to Negative Stimulations

Is there anything worth waiting for, worth living for, worth dying for?

16 February
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The time is 2:22.
And I hope your wish comes true.
I wanna be selfish.
I wanna be sedated.
Wandering the house, like I've never wanted out, and this is about as social as I get now.
Don't you want somebody to love?
Let's set this city ablaze we'll burn down the monuments and set mountains in our place.
Some call it life, but I've been trapped in it.
Why can't I remember it's everything I hate, until it's kissing me good-bye?
Well, excuse me, 'cause I've mistaken you for somebody else, somebody who gave a damn, somebody more like myself.
I'm burning the candle at both ends...
There will be no white flag above my door.
I like to do the wild thing.

And, if I only had an ocean,
To compliment the sky,
I'd pull it down,
I'd paint it for you,
And never question why.
'Cause "Red would mean you love me,"
And "Blue would mean you care."